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Data Overload Vol. 16

Data Overload Vol. 16

Welcome to Data Overload Vol. 16, Orchest’s monthly newsletter.

Big Product Launch coming soon 🥁

This is the last newsletter of the year 2022, but fear not: you will have news again from us very soon! We are wrapping up the details to make a big product launch in the coming days that is going to define the future of Orchest in the short and medium term. Stay tuned to our social channels!

Speaking at PyData Global 🌍

Mere hours ago before publishing this newsletter PyData Global 2022 had started! Our colleague Juan Luis Cano delivered a talk about Polars, and will also be helping with the sprints. We are thrilled to engage with the data science and data engineering communities, and we hope you enjoy the rest of the event!

Getting ready for NormConf 🔥

Speaking of events, NormConf is coming! Orchest is a proud Gold sponsor and we are already delighted with the amount of activity and enthusiasm shown by the community. It’s clearly going to be one of the most exciting events of the year, and we cannot wait for it to happen. We will be doing a raffle during the event, so make sure to buy your ticket!

Thank you!

We are seeing a steady increase of interest both in our product and on the content we produce. We welcome all the new members of the community, and thank them for their trust!

- Juan Luis Cano (Data Scientist Advocate)

Product updates

🥷Environment variables now secret by default

Useful if you are using environment variables to store credentials and other secrets!

💾 Download Project and /data directories

Ever wanted to download all your project or data files at once? Now you can!

✂️ Stop starting sessions

Started a session, but then changed your mind? No worries, you can now stop a starting session.

What we're reading

  • Why we passed on Kubernetes (blog post)

    We hugely respect the Coiled folks and were eager to read their opinion on Kubernetes. Matthew Rocklin always writes balanced, nuanced posts and this was no exception - in particular, it gives an interesting perspective on why the excessive abstraction of K8s coupled with the “bursty” nature of Dask make raw cloud APIs a better choice for some use cases. Absolutely recommended read.

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