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Data Overload Vol. 13

Data Overload Vol. 13

Welcome to Data Overload Vol. 13, Orchest’s monthly newsletter.

Big changes are coming to the Orchest UI! 🎨

The team is wrapping up a significant rework of the Orchest User Interface, that will make it much more intuitive and easy to use. We already shared our early prototypes with our insiders on our Slack community and we are thrilled to merge the implementation in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

We are having our first Community Event 💞

To celebrate this and other big changes, we are having our first virtual Community Event! We invite you to join us on Wednesday, September 21 at 15:00 UTC on our YouTube channel (subscribe now so you don’t miss it!) to learn more about the latest improvements we have made to Orchest, see a project walkthrough showcasing the new UI, get a glimpse of what’s in the pipeline for the coming months, and hear the team answer your questions live. More details on our social channels coming soon!

Thank you!

We are so excited about the positive feedback we’re receiving from our users, and listening closely to their challenges so that we can keep improving the tool. Thank you all!

  • Juan Luis Cano (Data Scientist Advocate)

Product updates

🔄 Manually trigger jobs

You can now manually trigger a job whenever you see fit, for example to retry a scheduled pipeline.

🏗️ Generate parameter forms from a JSON schema

Now you can structure your step and pipeline parameters using JSON forms. Thanks Andrej Zieger for contributing this feature!

What we're reading

  • Improve Git monorepo performance with a file system monitor (blog post)

    We are fascinated by the kind of unexpected problems that can bottleneck a system when operating at a huge scale. We enjoyed this writeup describing the new file system monitor added in Git 2.37.0, how it works, and how it helped deal with repositories with hundreds of thousands of files, like Chromium.

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