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Data Overload Vol. 12

Data Overload Vol. 12

Welcome to Data Overload Vol. 12, Orchest’s monthly newsletter.

We are partnering with MutableAI 🧠

We’re always looking for ways to speed up your workflow. We think AI-powered coding assistants are 🔥. That’s why a few weeks ago we announced a partnership with MutableAI, a new kind of coding assistant that will make you more productive by automating the tedious bits of your life as a data scientist. Try it out today!

Multiple client sessions per user now supported 👤

Now you can finally sign in to your Orchest account from several browser tabs without having your other sessions getting closed.

Rate our docs! ⭐

We have refactored our documentation following popular information architecture standards to that it is easier for you to read and understand. We’d love to know your opinion about them, so we have also added a widget so you can rate our docs. Check them out!

Thank you!

Our users keep sending us feedback about the product and the early ideas we share with them. Thank you to everyone that helps us make Orchest a great tool!

- Juan Luis Cano (Data Scientist Advocate)

Product updates

🐳 Revamped installation instructions

GKE? EKS? minikube? MicroK8s? Find out how to install Orchest everywhere!

⚗️ Create pipeline step for new files

When you create a new file, you can set Orchest to automatically add a new step for you.

🥷Better indicator for not exposed services

When you create a service that is not exposed, you will still see it in the list.

What we're reading

  • Companies Using RFCs or Design Docs and Examples of These (blog post)

    Gergely Orosz has been telling how Big Tech and high growth startups work from the inside for only a few months, but his newsletter is already the #1 technology publication on Substack. In this blog post, Gergely collects several templates for “design docs” that several companies, big and small, use to move forward in the engineering process. We got lots of great inspiration from reading it and we will use the learnings to put our own process in place. Totally recommended read!

Orchest is an open-source project that simplifies the development and deployment of data pipelines. Get started for free or download the open-source version!