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🎉 $3.5M Seed Co-Led by Gradient Ventures & Basis Set Ventures

🎉 $3.5M Seed Co-Led by Gradient Ventures & Basis Set Ventures

Today we're excited to announce the next chapter in our journey. We couldn't be more proud to announce that we've partnered with some of the best investors in the world to make our vision for Orchest a reality.

Gradient Ventures (Google's AI-focused fund) & Basis Set Ventures have co-led our $3.5M Seed round, accompanied by a number of world-class institutional and angel investors.

When we started Orchest, we knew it was going to be a challenging ride to build the next generation of tools for data science teams across the globe. A critical step in that journey is finding the right partners who deeply understand what we're trying to achieve. In the investors we're announcing today, we found those partners.

With Google's experience of operating one of the largest computing platforms in the world, in addition to being a true pioneer in the field of Machine Learning, they are the perfect partner to help us realize our ambitions. Basis Set Ventures is a visionary fund, led by some of the smartest people we've ever met. We vividly recall how they expressed their early confidence. They made time to meet us late at night in San Francisco and were one of the first investors who committed to investing in our Pre-Seed round, back when we were just getting started.

In today's world, with funding announcements running rampant, this might not feel like a big deal to the outside world. But for us, the entire team at Orchest, it means everything.

We get a chance to prove that we can deliver an amazing product and an incredible customer experience for each and every one of Orchest's users.

Empowered by the longevity this fund-raise provides we are committed, more than ever, to continue to develop the Orchest Open Source project. In addition, we will develop a world-class hosted offering that focuses on tackling the most challenging problems in applied Data Science and Machine Learning.