We're a creative bunch of data nerds and we love making data tools.

The tools we use should empower us, not get in our way. That's why we work hard every day to make you & your team more productive.

With the rapid growth of the open source data science ecosystem we have more tools available to us than ever before. At the same time complexity is exploding. To combat the complexity we must leverage smarter tools built on powerful abstractions. Only then we can start focusing on what really matters. 

That's what we're working on at Orchest. Making the complexity disappear, one commit at a time 🧙!

Original by Matei Copot

Meet the team

Rick Lamers
CEO & 

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Yannick Perrenet
CTO & 

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Jacopo Gobbi
Backend Engineer

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Huang-Ming Chang - Orchest team member - Fullstack Engineer

Huang-Ming Chang
Fullstack Engineer

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Michael Masters

Michael Masters

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Advisory board & investors

Pete Soderling
Advisory board
Founded Data Council

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Anthony Goldbloom
Founded Kaggle

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